who is this guy ???

as mentioned before, i'm kiki! the owner of this hellsite. i'm 16 years old and albanian (though certainly not fluent lol) by the time of writing this i've only just recently picked up coding but i've always been fascinated with the old web. i use a ton of social medias but i've always felt like they were lacking in profile customization and really making your profile.... you??? which led to this site's creation!!

as you can probably tell, i'm a very big vocaloid fan and have been since i was in elementary school. although this site's themeing will kinda be all over the place, miku and vocaloid in general will be the main focus !! so if you like that stuff feel free to stick around

my favorite vocaloid producer of all time is mothy akunop and i'm also just as equally insane about his series evillious!! right now i've been into it for about 3 years (in around two months it'll be 4????) and i spent 90% of my time in quarantine researching the series and its lore so. LOL. my favorite character is gallerian marlon and if trash and trash by wada takeaki (another fav producer of mine) wasn't #1 then judgement of corruption would be my top song ever. just in general.

onto some general info... i am also an artist so this site will also work as an archive for my drawings and character designs i've made ! ! i consider myself goth although i'm still pretty new to the subculture so ig most people would call me a babybat LOL. i enjoy the bands scary bitches and lebanon hanover a lot though!! i also have a lovely pet bird. my friends address me as the bird guy. (scroll for more!)

these are my webrings

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